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temperature 2014



The process of lithography reminds me of bringing back my memory together; as I put all the pieces I saw in somewhere to one piece, and layer them to create scenery.Then I admit the flat surface as a structure beyond the dimension.

Then I feel my old memory accumulates to the present, just like gat that timeh is gnot like thath, and my work with layers and layers says no to my consciousness, and finally I find myself that all layers exists in the past. Recently, I see my works as the bridges tying the present and past.





209 letter 2014
63/88.5cm litgography





203 NAMIDA 2014
75/104cm litgography



204 iceburg 01 / 205 iceburg 02
27/31.5cm litgography




201 entrophy 01
30/30cm litgography




206 a critical point
27/31.5cm litgography




211 an abnormal rise in temperature
36/36cm litgography



222 namida 01 / 223 namida 02
22.5/21cm litgography